Diego – the fourth random dog…


Well it’s been a little busy around here…that little boy Joey went to a new home shortly after i posted his pic dressed up like a girl. We got Mia who was a big girl. My mummy liked her a lot. I played with her but i wanted to chew her face off. I didn’t of course, wouldn’t want to lose my treats. Now we have a little Chihuahua called Diego. What a silly name and silly looking dog. And what does my mummy think she’s doing with all these dogs? They come in my house, my buddy Baby and I have to play nice with them, share treats, and then share ball time! Then all of a sudden my mummy takes them and they don’t come back…wonder what she does with them 🙂 Here’s a pic of little Diego…hopefully he gets a home soon – he’s sucking up to my mummy and sits with her too much


The Foster Pup Joey

So this is a picture with my foster buddy Joey. He’s been here about two weeks. I put up with him, but he’s tiny, squeaky, and a little annoying. My owner brought him after she had a pug here in my house for about two months. I don’t understand why she keeps bringing these dogs in here, but it’s fun when my friend Baby doesn’t play with me, I guess. I’m thinking this little runt will find a foster home soon and I’ll get ALL my toys back…Does your mummy or daddy bring random doggies in your house? What is she thinking? 


Good Manners…

Just like Doggies have to learn to play nice with other doggies, not bite them, not squish them (for big doggies like me), sit for treats, give my owner kisses every so often to say thank you, and poop in the right area of my yard…Well…humans have to learn good manners too. Even though my mum writes this blog for me, she needs to ask before copying others work and realize even if you give credit to the original blogger, some people don’t like that…so from now on…mummy and I will only write original blogs by ourselves about my adventures and what is important for me…hope you all enjoy and if we do something on here we shouldn’t (we’re new at this blogging thing) let us know nicely, we’ll understand 🙂

It’s saturday, which means Mummy is home most of the day, i get to play, run, fetch ball (if she finds my old ball and not that silly new one), and hang out…

Fleas and Ticks

So in addition to taking my old ball away she decided to pinch and poke me with some plastic thing talking about “this is to stop the fleas and ticks…good girl Pinkie”. Well she’s making me sit, i can smell the treat, so yeah I’m gonna sit here and take it because that treat is mine after it. Apparently this white plastic container is good for me…yeah, we’ll see 🙂


The Value of a Ball

So…my owner decided she would switch my favorite ball out tonight for a newer…she’s mumbling something about how i can’t have the old one and telling me to fetch or bring the other one. Does she think i’m an idiot? Look lady – i have a schedule, it’s ball time, and I WANT MY BALL…not a substitute ball, not a newer ball, but JUST MY PLAIN TENNIS BALL I’VE BEEN USING FOR MONTHS…

I won’t play with that one!


Dog Medications…what to do when I’m sick


Interesting article about what to give your doggie when he/she is not feeling well. I’m not supposed to get your human meds…i’m a dog remember. I think you should always ask your vet before you change a doggie’s food or give him/her medications. My vet is really nice…he let’s me climb all over the room, his secretaries give me treats and let me sniff everything in the lobby, and although he gives me shots sometimes too, he’s still a nice guy.

Just look at the pic below. I went in to the vet to get my shots and they let me sit on the human furniture. 🙂


Sleep…what’s this bedtime thing all about?

Dogs need their sleep too…if my owner exercises me everyday, i sleep at night…if she doesn’t, i get bored and sleep on her bed before/during/after she works…of course i have a bed of my own – but human beds are much more comfy than doggie beds…see look there’s plenty of space for my owner and me on this king-sized bed…